St. Elisabeth Church



St. Elisabeth is a Catholic church in the district of Schöneberg of today's Berlin district Tempelhof-Schöneberg . Her patron is the Holy Elisabeth of Thuringia . The sacred building was erected in 1911 as a single-nave long- church, whose street-side cross-bar construction is veneered with red clinkers . The church is a protected monument .

The St. Elizabeth Curatie was founded in 1912 with more than 7000 Catholics, which means that the St. Elizabeth Church was not yet a parish church when it was consecrated . The parish was the parish of St. Matthias . kratom
It was not until August 1, 1920, that the curate of St. Elizabeth was raised to the parish. Early on was the plan, on the so-called " Red Island " of Schöneberg, the local situation, between the Potsdamer Bahn and the Anhalt line is to build a Catholic church. In 1904, the priest of St. -Matthias parish in an open letter to the Catholics of the imperial capital to support the construction of a much needed church on this part of the parish. On August 22, 1906, a cultivated property was purchased opposite the cemetery of the Zwölf-Apostel-Gemeinde in Kolonnenstraße 38/39. Because no money was available for church building, a gardener's house was converted into a provisional chapel, which received its church consecration on December 19, In the chapel, which was set up for 150 persons, there were about 320 church service visitors on Sundays and holidays. On November 7, 1909, the five-storey St. Elisabeth orphanage was consecrated for 100 children on the back of the property. It was run by Dominicans , Whose mother house was the monastery of Arenberg . The chapel was moved to the ground floor of the house.
In 2004, the church of St. Elisabeth was reunited with that of St. Matthias.